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Welcome to the images section of my website, where I have put a couple of my favourite photos together in a selection of categories for your viewing pleasure.

On the following pages you will find a variety of images that I have personally created from photos taken at locations all over New Zealand. These images include a range of photos from Cape Reinga to Stewart Island, abstract images created on the computer, a variety photos taken at motorsport related events, and a selection of other items that I hope you enjoy, all put here to firstly show off the beautiful country of New Zealand, and secondly showcase my artistic ability as a photographer, as I encourage people to remember local organisations that help children all over New Zealand.

I began taking photos a few years ago when I started driving a tour bus around New Zealand, initially it was group photos using passengers cameras, and I slowly developed an interest in photography, but never really took it seriously until recently when I purchased my first DSLR camera. I am definitely still an amateur, but as I have always been quite artistic I am finding, and am regularly told, that I have an eye for it.

With the purchase of a decent camera I have noticed a huge improvement in my attitude towards photography, as previously it was more of a distraction and hobby, than something I aspired to be good at, because even though I do perhaps have an eye for it, it is that creative eye  that continually wants to achieve better results, and so as a result I am now actively learning more so I can create better images, which I hope will eventually show in the images and photos I display here.

Unfortunately at this time I am only able to include a couple of images in each category due to the very limited resources I had creating this website. I have tried numerous times to include a lot more photos, crashing my poor little computer over and over again, so I had no choice but to select just a couple of my personal favourites, which I guess means less quantity and more quality, but it is my intention to update and add more, and better images, as soon as possible.

Whilst viewing the images here please remember that I really have only begun to learn the art of photography, and plan to update what you currently see as my skills as a photographer improve regularly, but with that said there are still plenty of images and photos here that I am very proud of, all of which I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Your comments, feedback, and enquiries are as a result always very welcome … .. .

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NZ - Northland

NZ - Auckland

NZ - Waikato

NZ - Bay of Plenty

NZ - Gisborne

NZ - Hawkes Bay

NZ - Taranaki

NZ - Manawatu

NZ - Wellington

NZ - Tasman

NZ - West Coast

NZ - Canterbury

NZ - Otago

NZ - Southland

Stray Travel

Computer Generated

2010 - Cycle for Life

2011 - RWC Auckland

2012 - V8 Supercars

2012 - WRC

2012 - Burnout Comp

2012 - NZ Jetboats

2012 - Super Rugby

2013 - Cycle 4 Life 2

2014 - Warbirds

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