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On this page I would like to offer a range of items that are both photography related, and non-photography related. These are things that I wish to share with people because they have either helped me in some way, shape, or form, or I think that they may benefit someone else.

The ‘extra’ items I wish to offer here are all free, because ‘free is good’, and include audio self help books, cool images and computer wallpaper I have created, plus a range of other stuff that I think might benefit others. The idea is to provide things on this page that help people without wanting anything in return, it is my way of continuing to give freely in hope others might one day do the same, so everything on this page is free and can be used by anyone who wants or needs the things found on this page.

. .. … Camera Settings - Cheat Sheet … .. .

This is a photography cheat sheet, something that allows people to carry with them a professional guide of what setting to use on their DSLR camera for a variety of situations when using manual mode on their camera.

 This .pdf file can be downloaded and printed out, or saved on your phone or computer for the next time you want to try settings recommended by a professional for a variety of indoor and outdoor photography scenarios, and include iso, and f-stop settings, which you can download from the link below … .. .